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Remote wellness therapies for clients and their caregivers

In addition to some of the free resources listed on our Wellness for All pages, we now have Wellness at Homeremote practitioner appointments for clients and caregivers via video chat or phone. 

You may contact any of the practitioners below directly to set up a remote appointment. Please give the practitioner the 16-digit number on back of your CWC Wellness Card at the start of your session.  If you have a card but have not yet applied for services, please apply online or call 774-408-8477 activate your card.


Guided Meditation

Practitioner: Erin Peterson

Integrative Restoration, Yoga Nidra

Available via Zoom, FaceTime, phone call


Contact Erin:




Energy Consciousness

Practitioner: Ellen Wakefield

Available via Zoom, FaceTime, phone call

Contact Ellen:


diana di gioia


Practitioner: Diana Di Gioia, Lic. Ac.

Learn how to locate acupuncture points specific to the main complaint that can be treated at home with pressure, massage or heat. 


Available via Zoom, email, phone call


Contact Diana:


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Qigong for Health, Tai Chi

Practitioner: Sarah Beals

 "8 Brocades" overall body toning, coordinating breath & movement

Available via FaceTime

Contact Sarah:

508 246 3591



Yoga for Cancer Care

Practitioner: Caitlin Marcoux,  LMT, e-RYT


A gentle yoga & meditation class for those navigating cancer and taught by cancer survivor Caitlin Marcoux. Open to anyone and their loved ones in any stage of the process: diagnosis, treatment and recovery. No prior yoga experience is necessary and all postures are broken down and made accessible to support students with physical or energetic limitations. Students are encouraged to use supportive props they can find at home: pillows, blankets, towels, eye pillows, etc. to have the most relaxing experience. Connect with other cancer thrivers in the comfort and safety of your own home via Zoom.  Classes are held Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1pm. 

Contact Caitlin:

email caitlinmarcoux@gmail.com

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Five Element Coaching, Energy Clearing and Balancing

Practitioner: Jenny Wood, Lic. Ac.

Available via Zoom, FaceTime, Doxy


Contact Jenny:


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Gentle Yoga, Meditation, Mindful Eating

Practitioner: Michelle Itzkowitz

Available via Zoom, FaceTime, phone, Skype


Contact Michelle:



Nutrition Support for Cancer Patients

Practitioner:  Constance Betsy Corsiglia, MS, RDN

Nutrition services and best practices for nutrition support for patients with cancer. 

Includes initial patient assessment and guidelines and strategies for food challenges and dysphagia, strategies for meal planning and meal preparation, as well as customized meal plans to meat patient's daily calorie,  protein and fluid needs.

Available via Zoom, FaceTime, phone

Contact Betsy:

 774 836-8599

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Yoga instruction, Personal Training, Stretching & Movement, Meditation and Breathwork

Practitioner: Eric Clark, Lic. Ac. MA, LMT, CYT, CPT


Available via Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook live, phone call

Contact Eric:




Mind-Body Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Teacher of Meditation, Strengths-Based Psychotherapy

Practitioner: Jacqueline Corso, MS, PD

Available via FaceTime, Zoom, phone, emails, texts

Contact Jackie:



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Personal Training (Yoga, Stretching, Strength, Balance, Flexibility)

Practitioner: Anne Preisig

Available via Zoom, FaceTime, and in person visits

Contact Ann:





Yoga (all levels)

Practitioner: Jennifra Norton


Available via Zoom, FaceTime, phone


Contact Jennifra:


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Meditation for Stress Reduction,  Acupressure Instruction, Tibetan Yoga

Practitioner: Jennie Makihara, MFA, M.Ac., Lic.Ac.


Available via Zoom, phone, Facebook Messenger, email, Skype, WeChat

Contact Jennie:



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Meditation, Personal Yoga

Practitioner: Kim Berner


Available via FaceTime, phone, FreeConferenceCall.com, Zoom


Contact Kim:




Private Yoga, Guided Imagery/Relaxation (Yoga Nidra), Massage Techniques for Non Therapists

Practitioner: Jennie Isbell Shinn, LMT, C-IAYT, M.Div.


Available via Zoom or FaceTime. Guided imagery/relaxation may be done via phone if you do not have internet access.

Contact Jennie:



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Private Yoga, Meditation

Practitioner: Deb Mareb


Available via Zoom 

Contact Deb:

yogaofyarmouthport@gmail.com or


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Nutrition Consulting, Home Exercise Training

Practitioner: Barbara Blackwell, CNS, PT

Provide meal planning, recipes, supplement recommendations with online dispensary, home exercise training.

Available via phone, FaceTime, Zoom

Contact Barbara: