CWC is a Good Start Packaging grant recipient!

Chef Gabrielle Kennedy is excited about this!

As you may know, we loathe single use plastics. That's why, when we launched our WellnessEats program back in July of 2019, we made sure that the packaging we were using was sustainable, durable, and could fit enough food for our clients using this service. Read more about WellnessEats here!

We have been using Good Start Packaging since the beginning and we are so proud to have been chosen as a grant recipient of $500 in complimentary packaging to help keep our WellnessEats program running!

Good Start Packaging launched this grant program to help support food service operators during the COVID-19 pandemic and - of over 80 businesses that applied - Cape Wellness Collaborative is one of five businesses to be awarded the grant. We are humbled by the great work that is being done all over to world to help feed families and individuals in need.

Thank you, Good Start Packaging!

Read more about the Good Start Packaging grant program and the amazing work that the other grant recipients are doing in their communities.

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