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Cancer survivor and owner of Chatham Works feels better and gives back

Lindsay Garre Bierwirth has been a CWC client not once, but twice. In 2017, she used integrative therapies while recovering from stomach cancer (CDH1 genetic mutation) with a total gastrectomy. And again in 2019, when Lindsay was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer.

But as a business owner, mom, and volunteer, Lindsay is committed to keep going. She says. "Sometimes I feel like if I stop...I won't have the energy to start again."

Before Lindsay got sick, she was very active – running and exercising as she wished. But when she couldn't move the way her strong and healthy body was used to, it understandably made her both sad and angry. After being in bed for more than 6 weeks after her stomach was removed, she credits the services from CWC for helping to heal her from the inside out.

Lindsay says, "The integrated services I received helped take the pain away physically and mentally. Acupuncture, reflexology, nutritional counseling, reiki and massage all sent healing vibes into my body. These services helped me to "feel better" deep down in my heart, in my bones and throughout my muscles. I know that these services are what got me back to "being me" - a strong and healthy warrior. 

These services helped me feel better – deep down in my heart, in my bones and throughout my muscles. I know that these services are what got me back to "being me" – a strong and healthy warrior. 

Chatham Works

Lindsay and her husband Fred own Chatham Works, which is a fitness center and coworking space in Chatham. It could not be more fitting that their mission is "to help you live a healthier, happier, and better life."

Lindsay and her team have assembled the best resources and personnel they could find to help make that happen. And although they serve everyone, they are especially passionate about providing services that can help people recovering from cancer feel like a warrior again.

And they do. Chatham Works is part of our Wellness Moves initiative, and through this, they offer an affordable, year round way that people recovering from cancer to exercise and keep their bodies moving. Moving forward. Moving towards strength. Moving toward the place they were before cancer. 

When I was able to start to exercise again, I started very slowly. I took a few yoga classes. For many of those first classes I stayed in child's pose or took modifications. But oh my goodness, how great did it feel to be back on my mat. How great did it feel to have my body moving. Slowly. I was so weak, but slowly - my core started to find strength. 

Lindsay knows first hand how hard it is to start to exercising again after being so sick. She knows how hard it is to feel so weak when she could remember being so strong. She knows that anger that can grow over a cancer diagnosis, but also knows the pride and the joy that can grow from finding movement and strength. 


If you are a CWC client and are interested in trying classes at Chatham Works or with any of our other Wellness Moves partners, call us at 774-408-8477 or email darlene@capewellness.org.

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