How to host a watch party on Zoom

What’s more fun than watching Dancing with the Docs from your couch in your fanciest pajamas? Watching it with your friends on Zoom!


Note: You will need a Zoom subscription to watch the whole event – free accounts are limited to 40 minute meetings (or parties), so you could have a cocktail and watch the beginning with friends, or spring for a subscription and dance the whole night away!


Need help? 

Zoom has a great quick start guide here

  • Log into your Zoom account and schedule a meeting for Saturday, February 27 at 7:00 PM (or start a little early and have a drink and a chat before the event kicks off!)


  • Invite all your friends to join you! Send out the Zoom link (you can find it by going to the meetings tab, then clicking the name of your meeting) and feel free to tell them a little bit about why you love Cape Wellness Collaborative. Don’t forget to share the date and time!


  • On the big night, navigate to The show will start right here at 7 PM.


  • Open a new window and sign into Zoom, then click “Meetings” on the side of your screen. Hover over your watch party meeting name, and click “Start”


  • You’re in! Your friends should start showing up, and you can let them in from the waiting room as they arrive.


  • Now for the fun part… Once all your friends have arrived, click the green “Share Screen” button in the bottom middle of your Zoom window.


  • A window will pop up, and you can select “Desktop” to share your whole screen. IMPORTANT: at the bottom left, check the “Share Sound” box so the fun tunes and heartwarming stories come through perfectly. Then click “Share” at the bottom right. Now all your friends will see what you see on your screen!


  • Navigate back to the Dancing with the Docs (at window you opened earlier, and press play.