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Tula Studio (Eastham)

Melissa Lynch, Katy Jacob, Liz Kearing

Tula Cape Cod is nestled off Route 6 in Eastham on the second level within a quiet complex. This lovely outer Cape studio began with the dream of sisters, Katy and Liz, along with their friend Melissa. Fair to say, they are all friends. This trio envisioned a special place through focused intention that would call on the knowledge and compassion of the community in effort to share that with others. They set out to “create a space where people can come together to explore health + wellness.” Tula, which means “Balance” in Sanskrit, is intended to be a place of health and happiness that highlights the many talents of the area through class offerings and participation.

Classes range from yoga nidra (a practice that is sometimes called yogic sleep) to restorative yoga (deep and nurturing relaxation) to gentle flow classes and on to more vigorous practices, like power flow. Ayurveda workshops are also offered where you can explore the theory and practice of ancient Ayurvedic principles.

To sign up for classes at Tula, please email the studio at:  Include your card number, located on the back of your CWC Wellness Card. You are encouraged to purchase a 5-class pass with your Wellness Card, which will allow you to book classes directly once your first one is established. 



3 Main Street unit 12, Eastham, MA 02642, USA


970 391-8389


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