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Kristen Ritchie

Cape Cod Foot Care

Kristen Ritchie, RN, CFCN
Certified Foot Care Nurse

Providing home visits to Barnstable County, east of the canal.

Routine foot care is:

-Toenail Shortening and Thinning
-Callus and/or Corn Reduction
-Foot Hygiene and Moisturizing

Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy can put you at risk of cutting your nails too short, causing injury and risking infection. Fatigue and pain from surgery and cancer treatments can make feet your last priority. Routine foot care at home can help maintain foot health by safely keeping toenails and calluses/corns under control with regular, convenient, professional care.

"Hi, I'm Kristen. I'm a two time cancer survivor. I've gone through chemo three times, with the last 10 infusions causing peripheral neuropathy in my toes. I know it's unsettling to not feel where you once could. When you have numb toes and feet, you have to protect yourself through prevention. It may not be safe to cut your own toenails. Or, if you are tired or in pain, your feet are the last thing on your mind and they go uncared for. Toenails can dig in or rub up against adjacent toes and it would be less noticeable, if at all. Calluses and corns could be putting pressure on the underlying tissue, risking a pressure injury (aka ulcer), and numb toes and feet would keep you from feeling that pain. Tips to maintain foot health when dealing with numbness include:

-Check your feet every day for injuries
-Check the inside of your shoes for hidden objects, like pebbles
-Test tub water with your hands, not your feet
-Wear professionally fitted shoes and avoiding tight or small shoes
-Avoid walking barefoot

Battling cancer is hard enough. Finding accessible, reliable foot care can help, not just for numb toes, but also for tired hands and painful bodies. Please call, text, or email if a home visit would be helpful."



Brewster, MA




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