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David Silver

Cape Cod Tai Chi & Qigong

David grew up in Dennis, MA and has studied qigong since the 1990s. The Chinese art of “qi-gong” translates to “energy-work” and is a type of moving meditation known for its rapid healing benefits. These simple movements can be done by anyone, standing or sitting, with no experience necessary. David’s class has a beginner-friendly follow-along format with nothing to memorize. After qigong class you will feel refreshed, recharged, and revitalized. With repetition over time you will feel your body’s energy or qi /prana. David recommend’s wearing loose clothing a drinking some water before class.

David began studying with renown qigong master Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming from Taiwan in 2001. He progressed through an extensive program learning qigong forms and theory, while also working as editor of Dr. Yang’s books and video director of instructional health videos. He became certified to teach in 2006 and continued his study and research, bringing this ancient wisdom up to speed with modern scientific insights. Every qigong class with David is an eye-opening experience giving you clear understanding of how and why these easy exercises have such immense health benefits.

The overwhelmingly positive results reported after regular qigong practice include more energy, better sleep, a positive state of mind, and an enlivened spiritual experience. Other results have included better breathing and balance, deeper relaxation, and medical results such as pain relief, improved bone density, and faster recovery.

David teaches regionally with Sasha’s Yoga in Dennis and others, as well as online via Zoom. He is also available for private sessions. He is an avid swimmer, nature lover, writer, drummer, and adult autism advocate based in Harwich, MA.



23 Massachusetts 134, South Dennis, MA, USA




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