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Leslie St. Amant
(home visits, remote)

Living with Leslie: Life After 50

Leslie provides personal training at your home or in a place of your choosing, as well as wellness planning + counseling to CWC clients and their caregivers. Please email Leslie at to learn more about how she can support you! Leslie also works for Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Cancer Center performing exercise intervention for various cancer studies

She is available on the Cape May-October and offers remote counseling November-April.


"I’m Leslie St. Amant and I’m a personal trainer with expertise in cancer exercise intervention and chronic disease, a pilates instructor, running coach, HIIT trainer, and grief counselor with over two decades of experience helping people optimize their health and wellness through the mind/body connection. I’m here to guide you through your own wellness journey by providing exercise and training tips. I also share all things lifestyle and wellness for women over 50 and I recommend (and provide discount codes for!) products I believe in, including skincare, athleisure wear, and other essentials for looking and feeling your best in midlife and beyond. 

My passion for working with cancer patients was born early. Several of my parents’ friends, and conversely my friend’s parents, were diagnosed with and/or succumbed to the disease throughout my childhood. My mom had melanoma (caught early) and my uncle, who was like a second dad to me, died of colon cancer. I believe in the efficacy of exercise intervention for cancer and other chronic diseases and I’m a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and personal trainer (ACSM CPT/ACSM-ACS CES).

I’m a former D1 gymnast and sub-elite runner, and I also suffer from an autoimmune condition myself. I understand the debilitating effects of chronic disease. When health-related setbacks arise, I reframe them as 'pauses' and continue to tell myself and my clients 'slow and steady wins the race' and 'take life in stride, one step at a time.'

I’m a wife and mom and a sports nut. I love watching golf, playing golf, talking about golf, and watching all varieties of college sports. Boston teams have my heart first, as I grew up outside of Boston and always observed Marathon Monday and St. Patty’s day with fervor. So don’t be surprised to see sports analogies infiltrate my training tips!"



Falmouth, MA




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