Caring for the caregiver

Caring for a child with cancer? Learn about Wellness Kids.

Caring for a loved one with cancer can be overwhelming, stressful, draining, challenging, lonely and much more. And it is all too common that those of us in this position find it hard to take care of ourselves in the process.

We are so pleased to be affiliated with Louisa Stringer, a Certified Caregiver Consultant™ who is a practitioner, advocate and trained in mental health first aid. Louisa can help you find strength and joy as you navigate down the path of caregiving, offering resources, tools and suggestions that are personalized to your caregiver journey.

If you are a caregiver for a Cape Wellness Collaborative client, we will cover the cost your initial sessions with Louisa. 

"I am immersed in the pleasures of getting to know someone and directly connect with them as a family caregiver. I do truly love my consulting clients. Through self-awareness, they have made it possible for themselves to take steps on their journey to help realize their own individual unique strengths as a person and as a caregiver."


– Louisa Stringer, Certified Caregiver Consultant™


When caregivers are aware of their own internal strength and mental wellbeing they are encouraging how essential it is to care for ourselves. This offers the caregiver the ability to find it within them to be more present for the loved one they are caring for.

Through WellnessCares, CWC supports the family caregivers of those facing cancer. Family caregivers can receive yoga passes to use at participating studios with the WellnessMoves program. Caregivers can also access meditation services from practitioners all over the Cape at our link below.


By maintaining connections with their “team” of family and friends who are willing to help and support with any tasks, conversations, and duties, caregivers find they are less overwhelmed and are given a gift of time for themselves. This makes for a more effective caregiver going forward.

Ianacare is a free support and navigation platform for family caregivers. This app is designed to make it easier to receive the help you need from your own circle of supporters.


Caregivers have their own unique understanding of what brings them a sense of stability in their lives. Whether it’s the daily meditations, faith community, nature, etc. – the more this is nurtured, the more stable they feel.

Commit to taking time each week to practice what grounds you. Check out Cape Wellness At Home for a variety of practices and resources you can use at home.


Find areas in your life where you can eliminate distractions and tasks that life brings that add to the stress and anxiety of caregiving. This brings the opportunity for more deep breaths and attention to the things that matter most.

Reiki treatments can help balance the mind and emotions of the patient which allows them to address issues in their life with more clarity and focus.

Family caregivers can use their CWC card to access Reiki treatments.


Support for children facing cancer

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, all of the family is affected. CWC helps not just the child but also the family as a whole.  Our Wellness Kids team is a group of dedicated wellness professionals who are vetted to work with pediatric cancer clients and their families:

  • Wellness Cares, Louisa Stringer, caregiver support

  • Wellness Eats, meals provided for the family

  • Wellness Moves, yoga class vouchers for adult caregivers

  • Eric Clark - massage therapist, acupuncturist, yoga instructor, fitness trainer

  • Erin Peterson - Reiki Master/energy work