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Caring for the Caregiver

Caring for a loved one with cancer can be overwhelming, stressful, draining, challenging, lonely and much more. And it is all too common that those of us in this position find it hard to take care of ourselves in the process.

 Wellness Cares can help you find strength and joy as you navigate down the path of caregiving, offering resources, tools and suggestions that are personalized to your caregiver journey. If you are a caregiver for a Cape Wellness Collaborative client, we will cover the cost for your initial sessions. 

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Delicious, health-supportive meals for people on Cape Cod facing cancer.

We believe in the healing power of food and nutrition in supporting our health and wellbeing. Wellness Eats is a recent expansion of the Cape Wellness Collaborative initiative to provide integrative wellness therapies to people on the Cape & Islands facing cancer. The mission of this expansion is to provide healthy, delicious, nutrient-dense meals to our clients in need of nutritional support. 

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Yoga and movement classes for people facing cancer, and their caregivers

During these challenging and uncertain times, we are committed to finding ways to help each other connect, feel better and find joy. In response to  COVID-19, CWC has put together a comprehensive list of free local and national resources to support general health and wellness for everyone, wherever you are.

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Support for children facing cancer

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the whole family is affected. Cape Wellness recognizes the need to help the whole family feel better during the experience of a cancer diagnosis.

 Our Wellness Kids team is a growing group of dedicated, CORI'd practitioners who are vetted to work with pediatric cancer clients and their families.

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Yoga and movement classes for people facing cancer, and their caregivers

If you are a CWC client interested in yoga classes, let us know! Call us at 774-408-8477 or email darlene@capewellness.org and we will mail you vouchers to try some local yoga classes for a nominal fee of $5 per class.


“I am a pancreatic cancer survivor having had surgery two years ago but nausea won’t leave me. The only thing that has helped is acupuncture which can be very expensive. I am so grateful to Cape Wellness Collaborative for helping me cover these costs. It has made a tremendous difference. Thank you.”