Online Resources: Meditation & Mindfulness

Being Resilient During Coronavirus

From Dr. Rick Hanson

Breathing Exercises

5 Shaolin Qi Gong Breath Exercises to Strengthen the Lungs

Exploring Ease with Erin Peterson

Do you feel like you need to hit the the "reset" button?

Here is a quick and lovely meditation by CWC practitioner Erin Peterson. It is intended to reduce anxiety and is is appropriate for all ages. And like all that we do at CWC, we hope it will make you feel better.

Floating Swan Coaching

The "Standing Firm When The World Is Shaking" online coaching course is being offered for FREE and 3 months of Laser Coaching for FREE as well.

If you are able to - tips may be sent to Cristina using Venmo @Floating-Swan

Guided Meditations

Richard Lanza has been exploring the different branches of meditation, yoga and forms of holistic health for over 50 years with special focus on psychic development and spiritual healing.  As an instructor and author of guided meditations his intent is to support individuals to connect to one’s own inner guidance thereby empowering oneself to live a happier, freer, and fulfilled life. 

Headspace (App)

Headspace is meditation made simple. Learn the life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness in just a few minutes a day. Offering a few free meditations during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Insight Timer (App)

Free meditation app for sleep, anxiety and stress.

Mindfulness Classes (Audio)

Guided audio for mindfulness practices, from Healing Therapies Cape Cod.

Mindfulness Exercises

Staying Healthy & Connected During the Coronavirus Pandemic

From Eileen M. Russell, Ph.D.

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