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cape wellness collaborative helps those facing cancer feel better.

our mission.

Cape Wellness Collaborative offers free-of-charge integrative wellness therapies and support for anyone in our community facing cancer.

Approximately 2,100 people are diagnosed with cancer each year on Cape Cod. Many of them will seek integrative therapies to manage pain and nausea, reduce anxiety and increase well-being during their illness. But most of these therapies – acupuncture, massage, energy work, yoga, nutritional counseling and more — are not covered by insurance. CWC connects people facing cancer directly with local practitioners who provide these therapies, and we cover the cost.

Cape Wellness Collaborative serves people on the Cape & Islands who have a cancer diagnosis and are undergoing or recovering from cancer treatments, such as radiation or chemotherapy. We also serve patients who are receiving cancer-related care. 


Approved applicants will receive a Cape Wellness Card with an initial value of $500, which can be used with any of CWC’s participating practitioners.


Simplicity is our goal. No billing, no redundancy, no headaches –people facing cancer are already going through enough. The CWC philosophy can be replicated anywhere.

meals provided
clients helped with integrative therapies
practitioners providing
life-giving services

together, we can provide relief to those facing cancer in our community - free of charge.

"Your service allowed me to branch out of my westernized views of medicine enough to take a chance on trying something I ordinarily wouldn’t have tried.  The addition of oncology massage to my overall treatment plan has been a huge help in managing my most troubling side effects (ie chemo induced peripheral neuropathy and severe joint/bone/muscle pain). During the first week after chemo, these massages give me up to several hours of relief from excruciating, unremitting, level 9+ pain.  Even the anticipation of this relief is itself a form of relief."

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