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At Cape Wellness Collaborative, we believe in caring for the whole person — not just the disease or symptom. Integrative medicine weaves natural treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and yoga into your overall care plan. Most of these therapies are not covered by insurance. CWC connects people facing cancer directly with local practitioners who provide these therapies, and we cover the cost. All of our holistic health services and programs are based on the latest scientific evidence


Approximately 2,100 people are diagnosed with cancer each year on Cape Cod.  Our goal is to help you feel better and give you options for taking an active role in your wellbeing. 

using the program


In conjunction with standard cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, integrative therapies help to manage pain and nausea, relieve neuropathy, reduce anxiety and improve sleep and appetite.

The following is a list of suggestions on how you might use these services, and which therapies have been shown to be especially beneficial for different side effects.






Depression and Anxiety

"Chemo Brain"

  • Exercise

  • Meditation

Below is a little more light reading on how and why integrative therapies are effective: 



Yoga, Qi Gong and gentle movement


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