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Isobel Lindsay (Cotuit)

Therapeutic Bodywork

Isobel is not accepting new clients at this time (May 2023) but hopes to again soon!

Isobel is a native of Dundee in Scotland, initially coming to the USA after training as a Registered General Nurse through the Royal College of Nursing and Midwifery. She then became registered in the USA and has practiced nursing for many years on both sides of the “Pond.” She is proud to mention that she became a United States Citizen in 2008.

It was her work as a nurse educator at the renowned Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA which sparked her desire to become a massage therapist, having seen first hand the power of bodywork on her clients. She believes that while the healing power of touch has been well documented over the centuries, that it has been sadly lacking in our modern health care system. Fortunately, the tide is changing and she is very excited to see modalities which used to be considered “alternative therapies” becoming much more mainstream.

Isobel graduated from The Massage Institute of Cape Cod and uses an integrative style to achieve the wellness goals of her clients. She is thrilled to now be certified as a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist. She is trained in the original Vodder technique, which remains the gold standard in the field.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle, deeply relaxing and very powerful healing technique with evidence based results. It is helpful with pain syndromes, inflammatory conditions, immune system disorders, post surgically and for anyone wishing to “hit the reset button” on their metabolism.

Isobel also has a background as a classically trained singer, having sung opera professionally. She has also been involved in community theatre, benefit concerts, etc. She enjoys keeping fit, reading and spending time with her family.



10 Main St, Cotuit, MA 02635




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