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Kelly Tammaro

Reiki Collaborative

I spent ever summer in Harwich with my eight siblings. We had great parents, all got along and made the best memories on Long Pond. My dad also owned a baseball card store where the Nine's Art Gallery is now.

My husband Carmen and I raised our children, he retired so we decided let's move to the Cape. I was working for a hospice at the time and searched for something that had great meaning. I came across a flyer describing the newly formed Cape Wellness Collaborative and thought it would be a perfect fit. I reached out to Sarah and met her on the very lake I grew up on. I volunteered and then was hired as the first employee as a coordinator.

I'd like to get back involved with CWC for the same reason I was first drawn here. My mom had sinus cancer and I knew from that and other experiences in the community of the many benefits the reiki practice provides. My goal is to teach self-care reiki and provide reiki treatments and train other practitioners to do the same.

Currently I am teaching self-care reiki classes and providing reiki treatments. I'd like to extend this to in-home services which I've done in the past via hospice. I am open to collaborating with other practitioners and working together to make in-home services and self-reiki more available.



165 Old Barnstable Road, Mashpee, MA, USA


(339) 235-5783


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