Frequently Asked Questions

I just got my CWC card. Now what?

You may contact any of the practitioners on our website directly to book an appointment. Please remember to bring your CWC Wellness Card with you to your appointment to pay for services. 

How do I check the balance on my CWC Wellness Card?

Call Darlene at the CWC office: 774-408-8477. Unfortunately, we do not have a way for you to check this online yourself, but we are working on it!

What do I do if I lose my card?

Call us at 774-408-8477; We can give your card number over the phone. You do not need to have your card with you for treatment, just the the 16-digit number associated with it.

How does CWC determine which wellness therapies are part of their program? 

Based upon research and medical findings, we have included wellness therapies not generally covered by all insurances that are proven beneficial for people facing cancer. These benefits include stress and anxiety reduction, more restful sleep, alleviation of nausea, and overall improvement in well being.

Do I tip the practitioner?

No.  Tips are not expected and can not be charged to the Wellness Card.

Can I get more assistance if I need it?

We make every attempt to meet the needs of our clients.  If we have the funding and the need is determined by our oncology nurse, a limited amount of funds can be added.  

How do you choose which practitioners to include in your collaborative?

Practitioners who provide the integrative therapies we cover (see Practitioner Directory), apply through our website here.  Once they have completed all of the required documentation  (license, insurance, certifications, 1099, etc.) and they are vetted, we add them to our list.  Once they are active with us, they must continue to provide ongoing licenses and insurance to stay in our collaborative.

How much does the practitioner charge? 

Rates vary, however, everyone signs an agreement to not charge our clients more than $70. per hour.  Please ask for the cost when booking your appointment.  Some of our practitioners charge less than $70./hour.

Do you offer services for caregivers?

Yes! Please visit our Wellness Cares page for more information.