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Ashley Bilodeau
(West Dennis)

Oasis Massage

Meet Ashley, a compassionate and skilled massage therapist with a diverse background in healthcare and hospitality. After completing three years of nursing school, Ashley followed her heart and transitioned into a massage therapy program to be closer to her family. Her journey has been marked by a strong dedication to learning and honing her craft.

With a solid foundation in front desk management at resort spas on Martha's Vineyard and Stratton Mountain, Ashley gained invaluable experience in providing exceptional customer service and fostering a tranquil environment for guests. In pursuit of her passion for massage therapy, Ashley pursued formal training at Cortiva Institute in Boston, where she refined her expertise and techniques. After returning to the Cape, she continued her education at Cape Cod Community College, further enhancing her knowledge and skills.

Since joining the Oasis Massage staff in 2017, Ashley has been committed to delivering therapeutic and personalized massage experiences to her clients. Her approach combines a naturally caring and intuitive touch with a deep understanding of anatomy, setting the stage for transformative healing sessions.

Ashley's dedication to her clients is evident in her ability to customize each massage session according to their specific needs and areas of tension. Through a blend of informed strokes, passive stretches, and a variety of specialized techniques, she creates a tailored experience that addresses her clients' individual requirements. Continuing her professional growth, Ashley has completed an array of continuing courses include becoming a certified in Oncology massage, Medical Massage Practitioner in 2019, mastering Cupping (Intro, Advanced, Facial) techniques, exploring Positional Release, delving into the art of Reflexology, and developing her understanding of Ethics in the field.

Moreover, Ashley has expanded her expertise into Clinical Orthopedic Massage Therapy for lower back and pelvis conditions, enabling her to address specific musculoskeletal issues with precision and care. Her dedication to continuous learning allows her to stay current with the latest developments in the massage therapy field, offering her clients the most effective and up-to-date treatment options.

Clients who experience Ashley's therapeutic touch often remark on her innate healing ability and the calming energy she brings to each session. Her gentle and attentive approach relaxes both the body and mind, fostering an environment where clients can truly unwind and experience the full benefits of massage therapy.

Please call to book with Ashley at 508-280-4242



292b MA-28, West Dennis, MA 02670




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