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Pallas Hutchison
(West Dennis)

Oasis Massage

Introducing Pallas, a passionate and dedicated individual whose life took a transformative turn following the births of her daughters in 2002 and 2003. Little did she know that this personal journey would lead her to a profoundly rewarding career in massage therapy.

Pallas's voyage into the world of massage therapy began when she graduated from the Massage Institute of Cape Cod in July 2005. Fueled by a deep commitment to her craft, she actively sought to expand her expertise by obtaining additional certifications in various styles of advanced massage techniques and manual therapies.

Always hungry for knowledge and growth, Pallas pursued an Associate's Degree with a concentration in Health Sciences from Cape Cod Community College in 2016. During this time, she also served as an adjunct faculty member, sharing her wisdom as a professional massage tutor with aspiring therapists.

Continuing to strive for excellence, Pallas has completed additional continuing education programs, including becoming a certified Medical Massage Practitioner in 2019, delving into Clinical Orthopedic Massage for the lower back and pelvis, mastering Cupping techniques (intro, advanced, facial), exploring positional release, and honing her understanding of ethics in the field.

Never one to shy away from new challenges, Pallas completed the Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) program with the National Academy of Sports Medicine in July 2022. Currently, she is further elevating her skills and understanding by enrolling in the Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) program, also through NASM.

Beyond her flourishing career and devotion to her family, Pallas is a fervent bibliophile who finds joy in exploring diverse literary works. Her interests span from music, food, and martial arts to gardening. Pallas looks forward to introducing her rescue puppy, Wimbley, to the staff once Oasis Massage finds a more spacious location, and he polishes his manners.

Pallas's remarkable commitment to the massage therapy industry has earned her a position as a board member on the Board of Registration for Massage Therapy—a Governor appointed, volunteer role within the state's licensing entity.

As she envisions a bright future for Oasis Massage, Pallas has set ambitious long-term goals of acquiring a permanent location and transforming the practice into a comprehensive wellness center. Her vision includes expanding the service menu to encompass group and individual fitness classes, acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, chiropractics, and/or physical therapy, with the available space dictating the timing of each new service addition.

With Pallas's unwavering determination and exceptional dedication to her craft, the future of Oasis Massage promises to be a guiding light of health, wellness, and fulfillment for the community she serves. Her continuous pursuit of knowledge and genuine passion for helping others ensures that her clients will experience the utmost care and expertise on their journey to better health and well-being.

Oasis Massage is open Monday through Saturday. Please note: our online booking software requires prepayment to schedule an appointment; CWC clients should call to schedule to avoid paying out-of-pocket. Thank you!



292b MA-28, West Dennis, MA 02670




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