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Yoga of Yarmouth Port

Deb Mareb

Enjoy your ride to this lovely antique on 6A in Yarmouth Port. Enter the studio from 6A or through the rear parking lot entrance. Once inside, travel up the staircase to the welcoming, cozy space. You do not need to bring anything with you as Deb Mareb, the owner, provides all of the beautiful props and mats to ensure the ease of a meaningful practice. Take a moment to admire the character of the space with its wide floor boards, original windows and history.

Deb opened her studio in 2020 led by her heart and soul. She has built a team of skilled and educated teachers. In this intimate space, you will get the guidance and attention you may need to enjoy a nurturing practice.

At Yoga of Yarmouth Port, you will find delightful restorative offerings as well as flow classes. Enjoy some time calming your mind and nourishing your body.

To enroll for class, email Deb at Include your card number located on the back of your Wellness Card. We encourage you to purchase a 5 class pass in order to set up a routine. If that does not suit you, you can purchase one class. Just include your request in the email.

Of special consideration are the Sunday 4:30 and Wednesday 6:00 Restorative classes. Lots of props are used to support you into maximum relaxation. Keep an eye out for the Yin class with hot stones. This one is limited to 6 as the teacher, Rebecca, wants to ensure personal attention and the ability to replace warm stones as they cool.



161 MA-6A, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675




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